Flying Higher With Makeda

Makeda Smith is a veteran entertainment industry publicist ( as well as an independent performance artist who trains and teaches pole dance and exotic flow movement. She began her pole and aerial training at the age of 50 and has received international media coverage for her dance accomplishments and the launch of her dance brand, FlyingOver50.

Makeda fluidly mixes her pole, aerial and dance movement practice with liquid sensuality, stamina and strength while maintaining her professional persona as one the industry’s most respected public relations experts. Her mission is to reawaken the sleeping goddess that resides in all women, regardless of their age!

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As we grow older, a lot of women naturally shut their bodies down. We stop moving and grooving. Caring for others more than we care for ourselves has worn us out. I remind women to take pleasure in swaying and swinging their hips again. In class we pose like goddesses and move our arms and legs with rhythm and passion. Sexy becomes our sacred work and our mission. There is a sleeping goddess inside every woman and I’m on a mission to wake her Up,” reveals Makeda.